Fundraising Consultancy

We will help you look at your Organisation from a different perspective, placing our consultants at your disposal to reinforce your team and enhance the talent of your staff.

Our service is tailored to our clients needs and fundraising goals

With 10 years of experience in the Portuguese market, Call to Action has been working with organisations of different sizes and areas of activity. We adjust our methodology to the clients in order to provide the best service and increase the impact of their mission.


At Call to Action, our consultants start with an initial assessment of the client, in order to better define the fundraising strategy or meet their specific needs.

Together with the client, we develop fundraising plans and actions using internationally proven techniques:


  • CASE FOR SUPPORT - The reason why people should support the organisation in a presentation of the cause/project.
  • STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING and Fundrasing action Plan.
  • MAJOR DONATIONS - Strategy to attract major donors to a specific project or Capital Campaign (campaigns to raise large amounts of money).
  • REGULAR DONATIONS - Strategy to raise and manage regular donors (small and medium).
  • FUNDRAISING EVENTS - development and management.
  • IMPACT PHILANTHROPY of companies and foundations - Finding opportunities, partnerships and definition of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.
  • INSTITUTIONAL FUNDS - evaluation and definition of “investment” opportunities.
  • Recruitment of FUNDRAISERS, project managers or communication team - support with the job description, profile definition and recruitment process.
  • GOVERNANCE - Diagnosis and evaluation of the current situation and definition of the most appropriate governance model for not-for-profit organisations.
“For three years, Call to Action has been advising Convent dos Cardaes. Having their support assures that our goals are achieved in a professional way .In addition to the technical side this work requires, it is very important for us to have a consultant with their level of expertise, dedication, efficiency and initiative, as well as empathy and friendship established with our team. Thank you, Call to Action!”
Sister Ana Maria Vieira | Cardaes Convent
“Call to Action´s work was very important to APSA’s restructuring, helping us plan fundraising activities, applications and develop a care plan for donors.”
Piedade Libano Monteiro | APSA (Associação Portuguesa de Sindrome de Asperger)
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