Fundraising Tools

Crowdfunding, SMS, website, telemarketing, face-to-face, direct marketing, social networks

What to use, how to decide and create a perfect mix to raise more funds?

Together with our consultant, you will evaluate each tool based on your goals and fundraising strategy, in order to choose and implement the right mix and maximise results for your organisation.


Communication is at the core of all fundraising and the constant evolution of technology makes it important to be aware of new techniques and tools as they emerge.
Achieving good fundraising results may come from recruiting and retaining more donors and/or it may involve persuading existing donors to give more money.
Getting the right balance is important and using the right approaches for different kinds of donors is crucial.



Websites and social networks

  • A GOOD website is the starting point.
  • Website and social networks are very effective ways to capture contacts, communicate and share.
  • Tools for sharing videos and photos are useful instruments for engagement.
  • These all allow interaction, promoting the participation of each person.
  • And they allow for the placing of a donations button.

With us you will be able to define the most effective plan for using the best tools to create different dynamics and achieve your online communication goals. We will show you how to be successful in designing the best strategy for your organisation.



  • Raise specific and immediate donations.
  • Enlist new contacts to make calls and engage.
  • Good tool for emotional engagement.
  • Communicate a project or specific need.
  • Increase awareness and sharing potential.
  • Take advantage of the power of the crowd!

Get the investment needed for your project through small donations from many people.
We can help you to create a crowdfunding campaign, and monitor its implementation with our partners.



  • Talk face-to-face in the street with your potential donor, involving and motivating him to participate in your cause.
  • Effective way to get personal data.
  • Raise awareness of your brand, project or cause.
  • Enlist effectively new donors/ partners.

We assure you of a professional team for the implementation of the entire process, from planning the campaign, writing the script to communicating with people directly, follow-up and all the other steps.



Unique opportunity to speak personally with the member, donor or potential donor:

  • Engage and motivate to participate in the Mission.
  • Enhance the impact of the donation of each person.
  • Update personal data.
  • Ask for feedback on the draft, opinion and ideas, promoting the participation of each donor/partner.
  • Increase awareness of your brand, project or cause.

We help you to create a telemarketing campaign that best suits your goals, monitoring its implementation with our partners.


Direct Marketing

  • Opportunity to tell stories about your mission, and emotionally involve the donor or prospect donor.
  • Thank in a tailored way.
  • Engage with images and pictures that make people feel special and unique.
  • Communicate news about projects; give feedback on the impact of a donation.

A fundraising letter has specific communication characteristics. We provide consultancy to help you achieve success by implementing the best methodology.



  • Communicate in a personalized way.
  • Being present and engaged.
  • Make specific appeals.

Learn how to create campaigns by SMS. We will help you throughout the process.

“Change scares, but it requires effort, commitment, professionalism. Only then it goes away. You have to lose the fear of risk, get out of the comfort zone and innovate.”
Cristina Ferreira (Soc. Social Promotion of Frei Gil work)
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