Social Impact Assessment

Measuring social impact is key to effective fulfilment of your mission, to be able to report results to stakeholders and also to increase your brand reputation.

What social value is created by the project, which are the real changes for society…

…assessing today the social impact of our organisation/project is a key element:
it brings internal benefits to the organisation and critical information to stakeholders (especially donors and partners). Assessing the social impact not only allows you to maximise social value, but also to enhance the results of fundraising.


If you are a not-for-profit organisation, you can develop methodologies to assess the social impact of your project.
If you are a company, we measure the social impact of the projects you support using an internationally recognised methodology.
Based on a diagnostic analysis we work with you to achieve better results through:


  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Design or review of the theory of change and definition of impact indicators
  • Manage and monitor performance activities
  • Social impact assessment (SROI - Social Return on Investment)
  • Results communication and proposals for continuous improvement

We build together to create more impact

Sharing of different professional experiences, national and international, increases the opportunity to be more creative and proactive in fundraising, strengthening ties with different donors, enhancing their participation.”
Maria da Conceição Correia
(Leigos para o Desenvolvimento)
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